CW 37 Summary

No weeky summary last week, because I was barely home and didn't really have the time to play, but this week I had a lot of time and level a few alts. Alt Leveling Xhi, 56 -> 62: stayed on Kalimdor until level 61 and went straight to Dragonblight, one of my favorite zones. Merag,... Continue Reading →

June Summary

June started pretty relaxed. I leveled a few alts and got my Zandalari priest Rheeya to 85. Now she lives the Galleon Spawn Point Life. Another alt got into Zandalar. This time my rogue Blutmarîe. I got three mounts this month, one of the another Warbringer mount. Now I'm only missing one, but I haven't... Continue Reading →


I was happy too see that the servers were back up early today, because my cats woke me up at 5am. So I had enough time to start the Zandalari recruitment before my classes. The recruitment scenario is about Talanji becoming queen and use helping to calm the riots and stand witness. Photobombing some blood... Continue Reading →

Light ’em up… again

I want to try and write everything down like I'm telling a story, can't promise I'll be able to keep up, but I'll post at least some adventures like this.   Zuljia took of her battle-worn robe. She could still smell the smoke and she wasn't sure if it was coming from ther clothes or... Continue Reading →

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