CW 47 Summary

Alt Leveling Or rather Main leveling when it comes to Roku. Roku, 71 -> 115: got quite far within one week. Guess I'm going to reach max level either tomorrow or on tuesday. After finishing the AV achievement, I did the last levels in Northrend with my death knight Xamty. Xamty, 77 -> 79: she... Continue Reading →

CW 46 Summary

Alt Leveling Roku, 46 -> 71: I kept leveling with the RaF bonus until I've reached level 60, after that I joined the Alterac Valley fight, but also went to Dragonblight and started questing there. I'll probably run with my other account again after I'ven gotten the event mount (only 25% left) until 80. Erah,... Continue Reading →

CW 44 Summary

Should just name it "list of alts I leveled this week" I wish I could have the level changes today already, but gotta be patient. I had a lot of free time this week which I spent mostly leveling alts. Alt Leveling Solanaceae, 20 -> 24: the alt leveling on my second account has begun!... Continue Reading →

CW 42 Summary

Alt Leveling Kazira, 113 -> 118: she was my Alliance main before Legion and she's making her slow way to 120. Did Stormsong Valley and now Drustvar. I love my little warrior. Alirae, 96 - > 99: finally unlocked my first hunter artifact weapon Thas'dorah. The first color variant doesn't quite fit my mog, but... Continue Reading →

CW 40 Summary

Alt Leveling Reusing this because I didn't take a screenshot Merag, 87 -> 89: Only one more level until I go to Draenor, which is one of my favorite expacs to level. Lots of people seem to dislike it, but I love the zones. Schneeblind, 71 -> 77: completed Dragonblight which is my favorite Northrend... Continue Reading →

CW 35 Summary

Alts Leveling Had a bit more time leveling alts this week because we didn't play much GW2. Qamar, 82 -> 85: finished Hyjal and went to Pandaria next. Rested XP is used up though, so a break for her. Xir, 45 -> 50: finished Tanaris and reached level 50 on her way to the Swamp... Continue Reading →

CW 33 Summary

I downloaded Narcissus and why did it take me so long to pick up that addon? It's great! Alt Leveling Merag: 75 -> 77 - I'm getting closer to leaving Outland. They reduced the XP several times and it still seems to take forever. Plenty of group quests in Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm don't make... Continue Reading →

June Summary

June started pretty relaxed. I leveled a few alts and got my Zandalari priest Rheeya to 85. Now she lives the Galleon Spawn Point Life. Another alt got into Zandalar. This time my rogue Blutmarîe. I got three mounts this month, one of the another Warbringer mount. Now I'm only missing one, but I haven't... Continue Reading →

Introduction: Zuljia

Writing A Death Knight's Story made me realize how much I enjoy writing posts like this. Since people were talking a lot about their characters on twitter with the following questionary going around, I thought this would be a good base to start a series of blog posts introducing my characters properly. I won't use... Continue Reading →

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