CW 48 Summary

Alt Leveling With Roku reaching 120, I picked up my other alts again. Still a lot to level, even though it would be better to wait for Shadowlands. On the other hand, it's still a year away and character leveling is my main focus in this game, I just keep doing what I'm doing. Yuliana,... Continue Reading →

CW 47 Summary

Alt Leveling Or rather Main leveling when it comes to Roku. Roku, 71 -> 115: got quite far within one week. Guess I'm going to reach max level either tomorrow or on tuesday. After finishing the AV achievement, I did the last levels in Northrend with my death knight Xamty. Xamty, 77 -> 79: she... Continue Reading →

CW 46 Summary

Alt Leveling Roku, 46 -> 71: I kept leveling with the RaF bonus until I've reached level 60, after that I joined the Alterac Valley fight, but also went to Dragonblight and started questing there. I'll probably run with my other account again after I'ven gotten the event mount (only 25% left) until 80. Erah,... Continue Reading →

CW 45 Summary

I actually wanted to play a character on a RP realm, but in the end I decided against it. I may have the time, but not the commitment to stick to such a character. Probably going to use that free slot for a Mechagnome now. Roku, 5 -> 46: I mostly focus on my warrior... Continue Reading →

CW 44 Summary

Should just name it "list of alts I leveled this week" I wish I could have the level changes today already, but gotta be patient. I had a lot of free time this week which I spent mostly leveling alts. Alt Leveling Solanaceae, 20 -> 24: the alt leveling on my second account has begun!... Continue Reading →

CW 43 Summary

A wee bit late on this one, but came home late from a weekend trip. The most important news for the last week was Recruit a friend finally going live. I subbed my second account immediately and added 50 alts to my leveling rooster with that. Alt Leveling Lallic, 55 -> 59: did Westfall and... Continue Reading →

CW 42 Summary

Alt Leveling Kazira, 113 -> 118: she was my Alliance main before Legion and she's making her slow way to 120. Did Stormsong Valley and now Drustvar. I love my little warrior. Alirae, 96 - > 99: finally unlocked my first hunter artifact weapon Thas'dorah. The first color variant doesn't quite fit my mog, but... Continue Reading →

CW 40 Summary

Alt Leveling Reusing this because I didn't take a screenshot Merag, 87 -> 89: Only one more level until I go to Draenor, which is one of my favorite expacs to level. Lots of people seem to dislike it, but I love the zones. Schneeblind, 71 -> 77: completed Dragonblight which is my favorite Northrend... Continue Reading →

CW 37 Summary

No weeky summary last week, because I was barely home and didn't really have the time to play, but this week I had a lot of time and level a few alts. Alt Leveling Xhi, 56 -> 62: stayed on Kalimdor until level 61 and went straight to Dragonblight, one of my favorite zones. Merag,... Continue Reading →

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