Blood Elf Heritage

I was on a levelling roll the past two weeks and added my troll and blood elf death knights to my level 120 rooster. Orc shaman will probably be next. A 120 blood elf means I could finally do the heritage armor questline. I farmed the reputation as it was announced so I could start... Continue Reading →


Xal’atath Questline

This post contains spoilers!! I was eagerly awaiting this questline since I first heard about it. I was tempted to read all the spoilers, because I love Old Gold stuff, but I didn't, so I went into the quests with barely knowing anything. Luckily a Naga Attack was up right when I came home from... Continue Reading →


I was happy too see that the servers were back up early today, because my cats woke me up at 5am. So I had enough time to start the Zandalari recruitment before my classes. The recruitment scenario is about Talanji becoming queen and use helping to calm the riots and stand witness. Photobombing some blood... Continue Reading →

The Lost Isles

There are a few places in the game that one can only visit during leveling of certain races like Goblins and Pandaren. While you can still go back to the Wanderling Isle when you're a monk (but I'm not sure if it's the whole Island or just part of it? I never got around to... Continue Reading →

Light ’em up… again

I want to try and write everything down like I'm telling a story, can't promise I'll be able to keep up, but I'll post at least some adventures like this.   Zuljia took of her battle-worn robe. She could still smell the smoke and she wasn't sure if it was coming from ther clothes or... Continue Reading →

Northern Stranglethorn: Bambala

It's time to finish open business and travel to Bambala, a troll village at the doorsteps of Zul'Gurub. I talk to Priestess Hu'rala first, who tells me there might be a chance to defeat Mandokir and get Echo back, but for that I need to see what Echo sees. I was never very gifted with... Continue Reading →

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