CW 32 Summary

First weekly summary! Alt leveling Merag: 73 -> 75, completed Terokkar Forrest and headed to Shadowmoon Valley. Lucc: 31 -> 34, he's in Desolace, but still not done. Collections Cataclysm Timewalking is this week and I had enough badges to buy both toys and collected enough for another mount. I completed three transmog sets, granting... Continue Reading →


New models on the PTR

The last time I was on the ptr was before WoD to check out the new models and with the announcement of the new goblin and worgen models I had to check them out on the ptr again (at least in the character select screen). I was happy to see the female goblin models look... Continue Reading →

New Models: Goblin & Worgen

The new models are finally out and can be viewed in Wowhead's dressing room. At first I tried recreating how my goblins would look like with the new models. I kinda like it, but I kinda hate it as well. I don't know, something's off and I don't mean the missing eyebrows. I hope their... Continue Reading →

July Summary

This will be my last monthly summary as I want to switch to weekly ones. I still do a lot of leveling (which will calm down the next weeks due to less time to actually play) and I want to make weekly "reports" on how my alts have progressed. Weekly summaries will be up on... Continue Reading →

Joining the Flight Club

I've unlocked flying yesterday and it feels so good!! It's so nice being able to fly again. Quests are definitely faster now, but I also enjoy just flying around, looking for stuff I have not seen before.

June Summary

June started pretty relaxed. I leveled a few alts and got my Zandalari priest Rheeya to 85. Now she lives the Galleon Spawn Point Life. Another alt got into Zandalar. This time my rogue Blutmarîe. I got three mounts this month, one of the another Warbringer mount. Now I'm only missing one, but I haven't... Continue Reading →

Patch 8.2

Everyone's writing down their plans what they will do when Patch 8.2 hits, so I thought I'm gonna do the same. Patches are always a bit overwhelming for me, because there is so much new stuff going on, that's why I usually focus on things I'd do when there is no patch, which is to... Continue Reading →

May Summary

May has been a very quiet month. With almost all pets collected so far, I've been looking for something new to collect and now I'm targeting tier sets. Molten Core hasn't been kind to Zuljia though. Not a single drop at all this month (if I go with a different character priest tier ist dropping... Continue Reading →

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