Classic Blacksmithing

I got Roku’s Classic Blacksmithing to 300 and before moving on to BC I want to complete his recipe list as much as I can + I want to get all the mogs I don’t have yet. I’m using the addon Acki’s recipe list and Kruithne’s Homepage as a help. I’m leaving out world drops,... Continue Reading →

Level 120

Yesterday Roku reached level 120! I only did one more AV and went to Stormsong Valley afterwards, couldn't really focus so I needed something to do I could pause any minute. He got dressed in Benthic gear immediately and Storm's Wake emissary offered a weapon, so I did some world quests there. Opened up Nazjatar,... Continue Reading →

Il’gynoth’s Whispers

Okay, this is a post I wanted to write for a while and with the new whispers datamined, now is a good time for it. (possible spoilers) Whispers of the Old Ones and their minions have to be taken with a grain of salt. While they don't outright lie, they're not telling the truth either.... Continue Reading →

CW 42 Summary

Alt Leveling Kazira, 113 -> 118: she was my Alliance main before Legion and she's making her slow way to 120. Did Stormsong Valley and now Drustvar. I love my little warrior. Alirae, 96 - > 99: finally unlocked my first hunter artifact weapon Thas'dorah. The first color variant doesn't quite fit my mog, but... Continue Reading →

CW 41 Summary

Alt Leveling Cilith, 98 -> 101: finished Shadowmoon Valley for the first time ever since WoD release. Made a short detour to get artifact weapons before going to Gorgond next. I have 3 Warriors now with their artifact unlocked, while I still haven't done the unlocks for Mage, Paladin and Hunter even once. One hunter... Continue Reading →

Patch 8.3

Alright, here I was, just minding my own business, getting the Salvage Yard Blueprints and then Blizzard drops the 8.3 bomb. I had expected to get some information before Blizzcon, but not that soon. This post will contain spoilers, because I was weak and read some of the datamined stuff. Screenshots are from wowhead and... Continue Reading →

End of War Campaign

Let’s start with saying there wasn’t much of a surprise here. It starts in Orgrimmar, which has closed gates. There are a lot of NPCs around talking about Sylvanas and Thrall. Some have their doubts about her, but it looks like most are still on her side (there is at least one who dislikes Thrall... Continue Reading →

Patch 8.2.5 (no spoilers)

This post is about the patch in general. I’ll make a seperate post about the end of the war campaign. I was mainly looking forward to the new worgen models and immediately created the new characters I already previewed in this post. Sadly, the new RaF isn’t available yet, so I still have to wait... Continue Reading →

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