Classic Blacksmithing

I got Roku’s Classic Blacksmithing to 300 and before moving on to BC I want to complete his recipe list as much as I can + I want to get all the mogs I don’t have yet. I’m using the addon Acki’s recipe list and Kruithne’s Homepage as a help. I’m leaving out world drops,... Continue Reading →

Comp Stomp and more

No weeky summary this time, because I didn't level a single character (not counting those who got a level up through Korrak's Revenge). Instead I was busy playing Comp Stomp, and funnily, every time this brawl is up I seem to have limited time playing it - this time I was at Comic Con during... Continue Reading →

Alterac Valley

Let's start this with saying I'm by no means a PvP player. The last time I did some "serious" PvP (with arena and all that) was in WotLK. After that I couldn't really get into it anymore. I'm also not really a good player. I smash buttons and then I die (I did pretty well... Continue Reading →

CW 48 Summary

Alt Leveling With Roku reaching 120, I picked up my other alts again. Still a lot to level, even though it would be better to wait for Shadowlands. On the other hand, it's still a year away and character leveling is my main focus in this game, I just keep doing what I'm doing. Yuliana,... Continue Reading →

Level 120

Yesterday Roku reached level 120! I only did one more AV and went to Stormsong Valley afterwards, couldn't really focus so I needed something to do I could pause any minute. He got dressed in Benthic gear immediately and Storm's Wake emissary offered a weapon, so I did some world quests there. Opened up Nazjatar,... Continue Reading →

CW 47 Summary

Alt Leveling Or rather Main leveling when it comes to Roku. Roku, 71 -> 115: got quite far within one week. Guess I'm going to reach max level either tomorrow or on tuesday. After finishing the AV achievement, I did the last levels in Northrend with my death knight Xamty. Xamty, 77 -> 79: she... Continue Reading →

Alterac Valley of Olde

Yesterday I finally completed the achievement and got my two mounts. The wolf isn't that special because there are already plenty of HD wolf mounts ingame, but the ram looks really nice! Despite not having that much fun in the battleground, it was still worth it. I got two mounts and could skip most of... Continue Reading →

CW 46 Summary

Alt Leveling Roku, 46 -> 71: I kept leveling with the RaF bonus until I've reached level 60, after that I joined the Alterac Valley fight, but also went to Dragonblight and started questing there. I'll probably run with my other account again after I'ven gotten the event mount (only 25% left) until 80. Erah,... Continue Reading →

Alterac Valley Event

Blizzard changed a few things to stop people from just hanging out in the mines and not actually playing the battleground and that's great. I signed up yesterday with Roku. He's reached level 60 during the week and I really don't want to do Outland or Northrend. I played four games yesterday and got to... Continue Reading →

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