June Summary

June started pretty relaxed. I leveled a few alts and got my Zandalari priest Rheeya to 85. Now she lives the Galleon Spawn Point Life.

Another alt got into Zandalar. This time my rogue Blutmarîe.

I got three mounts this month, one of the another Warbringer mount.

Now I’m only missing one, but I haven’t farmed them since.

Like I already mentioned I farmed Chromie for timewraped Badges and had enough to get the BC Timewalking mount.

Yesterday I got the Mechanocat. I want the green color, but it’s quite a pain finding even the Rare alive let alone getting the color to drop.

I’ve finished two transmog set. The leather set from Chromie and I finally got the last piece for priest tier 1.

Let’s talk about 8.2 a bit. That cinematic, wow, I love it.

Nazjatar’s design is awesome. It feels like being underwater while not being underwater. There’s a lot to discover and I spent the first day mostly exploring, fishing and pet battling. I didn’t unlock Mechagon until day 2.

But I also have some issues, mostly with the quests. First I enjoy having daily quests again, but I greatly dislike that a lot of them are not marked on the map. This wouldn’t be such an issue if you’d get a hint in the quest text where to go, but most quests don’t offer even this. It’s annoying running in circles, trying to find where the mobs are, you have to kill.

Second, rares. I get it. They are rare again with quite long spawn timers, but it’s no fun when you have to kill three of them (this counts for Mechagon as well). Spawn rates in general are a joke.

Third, something I wish for since a long time: different daily quests for Horde and Alliance. It’s tiresome seeing large groups of the opposite faction and barely being able to tag a mob. Especially in combination with the horrible spawn rates.

Mechagon hasn’t a very impressive zone design, I’d even call it boring. I guess, I just expected more than a huge junkyard on an island. Mechagnomes are interesting though. The woman have cute hair styles.

Mechagon is easier to navigate and the quests are better. At least I had no issues with spawn rates (except for rares).

I’m looking forward to see how the story will unfold further down the patch, but for now I’m trying not to be too annoyed by the quests 🙂

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    1. My main sever has a big faction imbalance as well and I always see large groups of Alliance players, it’s hard to get a tag on a mob 😦

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