Timewraped Badges with Chromie

Timewalking Event means you get Timewraped Badges from the Save Chromie Scenario and since I can’t stand BC dungeons, I decided to get my badges with the help of the scenario.

I will talk about two characters: Donthousand, my demon hunter, who started with zero reputation and Zuljia, my priest, who was already Timelord and had almost all of Chromie’s talents researched.

My first advice if you want to farm badges with a character who has no reputation: don’t! It’s just a waste of time. Exception: if you have no character who is already Timelord and has her talents, you can start during timewalking if it’s currently up. If there’s still bit time left until the next TW start farming reputation and talents NOW. You can get the reputation in one day if you want, it’s fast, but it takes a while to research the talents and those are super important for farming.

For comparsion: I got between 20-40 badges per run with only the first few talents with Donthousand, but I get between 100-200 with Zuljia, who has all of them.

Now if you start with Chromie for the first time, you get a bunch of quests and most of them award Timeless Badges as well!

Those 3 quest reward 50 badges each. After that you get Preserve the True Future  which awards 250 badges! The last quest The Deaths of Chromie awards a transmog set and another 50 badges.

That’s 450 badges in total, so even if you don’t plan on farming it’s still worth doing at least those quests (maybe not the last one because you need to complete the scenario on time for that).

Alright, let’s start with the talents I picked:

Tier 1: Acceleration: Movement and mounted speed is increased by 20%. You travel a lot, so this is the most useful.

Tier 2: Rapid Recovery: Chromie becomes a healer. Don’t pick the tank talent, because she will just take all the aggro and die. Not useful when you want to pull a lot of mobs.

Tier 3: Dragon’s Determination: Chromie’s damage taken is reduced by 20%. It doesn’t really matter what you pick here, but the additional reputation gain from the other talent isn’t even useful when you want to farm rep, because you’re probably already a Timelord by the time its research is finished.

Tier 4: Insight: Chromie reveals nearby treasure chests. These are naturally visible without the ability, but she’ll bring them up on your minimap. Treasure chests are very important, because you can get up to 6 Sand of Times from them (with the next talent researched).

Tier 5: Fortuitous: Increases your chance to find Sands of Time from killing enemies by 100%.  The most important one! With this all the Sands of Times are doubled. If a quest gave you one, you get two now. If a chest gave you 2, you get 4 and so on.

Tier 6: Keepsake Continuum: You have a greater chance to earn a Keepsake Box from Sands of Time. Another important one, because you can get to the end boss of a portal faster.

Tier 7 ist a damage boost and not important.

Before you leave the temple, pick up the quest from one of the dragons there, it’ll reward 6 Sands of Time. After that fly to the first shrine, I usually start with the Green one and work my way up to the Black one. In front of every shrine is a Magnataur, kill them for 2-4 Sands of Time. Every shrine has also one treasure chest. There are two spots where they could be. With the talent Chromie will tell you there’s a chest nearby and mark it on your minimap.

See this? That’s the jackpot!

You should choose your rewards like this:

Timewraped Badges/Time-Lost Wallet/Time-Lost Keepsake Box > additional time > everything else.

NEVER pick the Bronze Dragon. It will complete a shrine for you and we don’t want that!

You’ll never have to pick between Badges and a Keepsake Box, because they share the same spot on the reward pop-up.

I ignore the Trash Mobs around Green, Blue and Red Dragonshrine, but I kill everything in the Black Dragon Cave, because the droprate of Sands of Time is pretty good + the treasure chests are in the cave.

Next step: Portals. I did the scenario 8 times today and every time I got three Keepsake Boxes, so there should be no issues with the portals. I did them in the following order: Hyjal -> Andorhal -> Stratholme -> Well of Eternity – but it doesn’t matter, you should have enough Stolen Time to finish everything way before time runs out.

If you have the items:

Hyjal: skip right to the boss, the trash is not worth it.

Andorhal: pick up Chromie’s quest, go back in and give the item to the Tauren druid there, the quest will complete and you get the Sands of Time. Don’t leave yet! Go outside and kill the named mobs. They drop a good amount of Sands of Time and the treasure chests are around them.

Stratholme: Do the quests up until the Matrone sends you back to the inn. If you have already done the quests once you can buy all the items immediately. You’ll need:

  • 2x Salted Venison Jerky
  • Fras’ Special Pipe Blend
  • Marigold Bouquet
  • Refurbished Military Rifle
  • Basic Cloth Bandages

You get 4 Sands of Time from these quests, after that you can go straight to the boss.

Well of Eternity: I never got the item for that, but I assume it ports you past the demons. If you don’t have the item go left to avoid most of the demons. I usually kill the Night Elves when I’m past the demons for more chances at Sands of Time, but the droprate isn’t that great, so if you’re running low on time, just ride past them to the boss.

I always end up with 7-10 minutes extra time, so you should have no issue getting the whole scenario done in time.

I should have made a spreadsheet to show how much I got out of the scenario, but the idea to write a blog entry about it came too late.

I did 8 runs which took me around 2 hours and I got:

  • ~ 1000 Timewraped Badges
  • ~ 3,500 Gold
  • 4 Bronze Proto-Whelps
  • 5 Ageless Bronze Drakes

I don’t know if or how well the pets sell, but you can maybe get even more gold out of that.

Since I have 4,100 Badges now, I’ll probably do a few more runs tomorrow to get to 5,000 and this time I’ll make a spreadsheet!

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