Introduction: Zuljia

Writing A Death Knight’s Story made me realize how much I enjoy writing posts like this. Since people were talking a lot about their characters on twitter with the following questionary going around, I thought this would be a good base to start a series of blog posts introducing my characters properly. I won’t use every point on the questionary, but as many as I can answer.

I also made a nice little banner, so every Introduction post will have the same top image.

I start with Zuljia, she is my main after all and so she deserves to have the first post.

What’s their name?



Shadow Priest

Drakkari Troll

Describe their look

This is not what she always looked like though. In her younger years, she had a different hairstyle and -colour. After the death of her loved one, she cut her hair in memory of Letora. Later she dyed her hair aswell as she could not stand the old color anymore.

Young Zuljia

Their age?


Their personality?

Zuljia is reserved and mistrusting, which just got worse over the years. She keeps mostly to herself, only letting Letora come close. She comes across as unfriendly and distant to stranger and only a handful of people know how caring she can be. Smiles may be rare, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Their clothing?

She likes to wear traditional troll clothing, but for battle she usually chooses something dark with her face hidden.

Their friendships?

Jozala – a witch doctor and the first person she met after fleeing Northrend. Jozala helped her getting “settled” within the Horde

Tuatua – They couldn’t be any more different, but Tuatua is one of her closer friends. They met shortly after the Cataclysm in Ashenvale where Tuatua got hunted by Night Elves. Zuljia saved her and she kind of followed her and never left.

Blutmarie – They became friends during the Darkspear Rebellion, smuggling trolls out of Orgrimmar

Why adventure?

Zuljia’s restless. She can’t sit still for too long. She always needs something to do. It helps her to keep the whispers at bay, so she travels a lot.

Worst fear?

Losing the ones she loves.

Falling back into madness with not control over it.


She loves archaeology. Doesn’t matter if it’s a small bone or something bigger, she keeps everything she finds. Her home is full of old things she found during her travels.

She also likes to sew. Keeps the fingers busy.

Their home town?

As a child/young adult she lived in Zul’Drak. Not she has a small home on the borders of Sen’jin, close to the ocean.

Their parents?

Her mother, Razo, a shaman devoted to Quetz’lun and her father, Zaig’za, a merchant

Their siblings?

No siblings

Their childhood?

Zuljia had a quiet childhood, loved by her parents. When she was a teen her healing abilities got discovered and she started apprenticeship as a priest at the temple of Har’koa.

Love life?

Letora, her childhood friend. They have always been close and friends turned into lovers. Even after being separated and changing a lot they got together again.

Any other family?

Nobody noteworthy

Thoughts about gold?

Needed for everyday life, but nothing of importance.

Their faith?

Her loa was Har’koa before the Scourge wiped out most of the Drakkari and Zuljia had to flee the continent. She prayed to Bwonsamdi begging him to return Letora to her, but since it was the Lich King who had her soul, he refused (since he couldn’t do it. He didn’t tell her the reason, just said ‘no’). Feeling left alone Zuljia turned away from the loa, giving in to the whispers, which have been plaguing her since the attack on her homeland.


Except for the Alliance, none.

Fondest memory?

Most memories from her time in Zul’Drak together with her family.

Raising an orphaned raptor namend Anzo, who is now still with her.

Biggest flaw?

She tends to leash out and get aggressive at unexpected times and for no reason at all

Known languages?

Zandali, (broken) Orcish

Greatest regret?

Not being able to save Letora and her family from the Scourge.

Any secrets?

She hears whispers of the Old Gods.

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