A Death Knight’s Story

Doing the Blood Elf Heritage questline made me think of Roku’s backstory which led to thinking about the backstories of my other Death Knights. In the past days I thought about them a lot and just like I did with my Forsaken I wanted to write their stories down and share them with you.

Roku Cindershine

He was a warrior in life. Eldest child of a priestess and a mercenary, he also has a sister. His family survived the Fall of Quel’Thalas contrary to Roku, who gave his life early during the Scourge invasion defending his home.

Raised as a Death Knight soon after he was not only a killing machine, but also develop an interest in engineering, especially explosives and similar gimmicks. After he got broken free from the Lich King at the Battle at Light Hope’s chapel, he extended his engineering skills working with goblins, now building even bigger bombs.

While he always appears self-confident, he developed a habit of gambling and drinking – the time under the Lich King’s will has left its marks.


Born in Northrend, she’s a fierce warrior of the Drakkari tribe. She had to watch in horror how the proud Empire of the Drakkari fell to the Scourge and her tribe being decimated. As one of the last defenders, she sacrificed herself to ensure the escape of others.

Raised as a Death Knight she wrecked havoc in Northrend including Zul’Drak, before being sent to the plaguelands to fight at Light Hope’s chapel.

Regaining her free will, she stayed with the Ebon Blade fighting against the Lich King. She was on a mission in Sholazar Basin where she met her loved one, almost not recognizing her. Their first meeting was a cold one, with Zuljia fallen prey to the whispers of the Old Gods and Letora’s urge to kill. It took months before they got closer again. Now they’re keeping each other stable.

Xamty Stubbornstreak & Roweena Blackwood

Xamty and Roweena were Paladins and members of the Argent Dawn. For years they fought the Scourge in the plaguelands, developing a deep friendship. One day after a hard battle against the Scourge once again, they were captured on their way back to the chapel and brought to Archerus, where they were executed and raised as Death Knights.

The women’s friendship was shattered with their deaths and replaced by hate. They were rivals, always trying to be better than the others. Even after breaking free they kept hating each other and while Xamty stayed with the Ebon Blade, Roweena disappeared. She reappeared in Northrend to fight for the Lich King once again, now hunting the traitorous Ebon Blade.

After the death of the Lich King, she vanished once again and hasn’t been seen since.


Osha Steelsnarl was a rogue and part of the Horde’s first expedition to Northrend. While scouting Naxxramas, she and her group got captured, experimented on and either killed for good or raised as Death Knights.

She was trained in Naxxramas, but left the necropolis shortly before it fell to the Horde and Alliance. Now stationed in Icecrown she commanded ghouls against her former allies while her axe tore deep gaps within their ranks.

She regained her free will with the death of the Lich King. Ashamed of her actions, she does not return to the Horde, but pledges loyalty to the new Lich King, Bolvar. To show her loyalty she forges an armor of flames and magma, representing the dragons’ flames which altered Bolvar’s body.

She also abandoned her old name and took on a new one: Gorerunner.

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