Paragon Chests & Battle Pets

I’m back rep farming with my priest and demon hunter for Paragon rewards, but I’m more chill about them than during Legion. I also want to collect the battle pets BfA has to offer (at least the ones you can buy).

I’m making this post because I want a neat overview of Paragon rewards and battle pets, without having to dig through guides and databases. This will be a reaaaaaaally long post.

Paragon Rewards

Champions of Azeroth

Tortollan Seeker

Zandalari Empire

Talanji’s Expedition


Honorbound/7th Legion

Proudmore Admiralty

Order of Embers

Storm’s Wake

Battle Pets

Accursed Hexxer

Bloodfeaster Larva

Crimson Frog

Swamp Toad

Barnacled Hermit Crab

Carnivorous Lasher

Freshwater Pincher

Ranishu Runt

Rebuilt Gorilla Bot

Rebuilt Mechanical Spider

Sandstinger Wasp

Blue Flitter

Child of Jani



Lil’ Ben’fon

Lil’ Tika

Lil’ War Machine

Lost Platysaur

Saurolisk Hatchling


Tiny Direhorn

Zandalari Shinchomper

Lil’ Siege Tower

Bilefang Skitterer

Corlain Falcon

Drustvar Piglet

Frenzied Cottontail



Wicker Pup

Abyssal Eel

Seabreeze Bumblebee


Greatwing Macaw

Mechanical Prairie Dog


Azerite Puddle


Albino Duskwatcher

Crimson Octopode


Teeny Titan Orb


Darkshore Sentinel

Detective Ray

Everburning Treant

Gust of Cyclarus

Hydrath Droplet

Void Jelly

Zur’aj the Depleted

Total Charms

Total Service Medals

Total Seafarer’s Dubloons

500 Charms

200 Charms

100 Charms

200 Charms

50 Charms

150 Charms

250 Charms

250 Charms



50 Charms

100 Charms

100 Charms

200 Charms


300 Charms

200 Charms

300 Charms

100,000 Gold

200 Charms

100 Honorbound Service Medal

100 Charms

50 Charms

200 Charms

100 Charms

200 Charms

75 Charms

300 Charms

200 Charms



75 Charms

250 Charms

only obtainable with 1 Million Gold

50 Charms

75 Charms

100 7th Legion Service Medal

200 Charms

100 Charms

200 Seafarer’s Dubloon

100 Seafarer’s Dubloon

Arathi Drop

Arathi Drop

Arathi Drop

Darkshore Drop

Darkshore Drop

Darkshore Drop

Darkshore Drop

Darkshore Drop

Darkshore Drop

Darkshore Drop


100 Honorbound / 100 7th Legion


Wow, okay, this are more pets than expected and I already left out the ones you get from Island Expeditions. Well, looks like I have quite a lot to collect, but no rush! I’ll get everything one day or another ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Good idea with a list. A bit of narrowing down, and perhaps waiting for some checkmarks until we have flying, and youยดll say done in no time ๐Ÿ™‚ And have fun in the meantime ๐Ÿ˜€

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