A Loa of a Tale

We all know that most Trolls worship loa and the different tribes mostly worship different loa as well.

We met quite a few loa in the past years like in Zul’Gurub, Zul’Aman or in the colds of Northrend in Zul’Drak and, of course, now on Zandalar.

There’s an achievement called A Loa of a Tale, which requieres you to read about the loa of Zandalar and I thought, it would be nice to use this and make a post about those loa.


Despite having her own temple and priests, Torcali isn’t in the game. But she’s a direhorn loa, so I used this one as a placeholder.

If ya dismiss Torcali,
It be at your folly.

She teaches us de harvest,
She protects us in our home.
We become the smartest,
Our fields are rich with loam.
Brave and true and silent waiting,
Far afield, be fascinating.

Embrace Torcali, if ya be wise.
And finally rest dem weary eyes.


Shadra is also part of a quest in The Hinterlands, where she gets killed, but it seems like Loa don’t die that easily and have ways of coming back.

In de shadows, Shadra lurks.
Finding secrets as she works.
Webs she weaves ’round those in power,
Dark of night her waking hour.
Ya seek us out with ill intent?
Den writhe to poison most potent!
Her eyes are everywhere, dey see all.
Dey hear ya words, where dey can crawl.
What ya know, she knows as well,
Keeper of secrets she’ll never tell.
Powerful strings she pulls in time of need,
With advice and warnings ya better heed.

Should her faith in us be lost,
Her good will falls, at terrible cost.
Betray her and ya soon will find,
Her venom is strong and most unkind.
If to Zandalar you stay true,
The danger will never come near you.


Rezan is de one 
With de glory of de sun.
He stands strong, he stands tall,
He’s de greatest of dem all!

He is mighty! He is bold!
As de legends surely told.
Strong of will and true of deed, 
Rezan can always have de lead.

Kingly, sharp, and honor bound.
A more noble loa will not be found.
He is de son, de morning star.
He is de pride of Zandalar.


Pa’ku, o Pa’ku is coming for you.
She’s de mother of de seas, 
She’s de master of de skies.
She’s de breeze in de trees,
On de wind she flies.

Pa’ku, o Pa’ku is coming for you.
She knows de seas and de land,
From here to dere and back again.
Dere is no place for you ta hide,
Should ya get yaself on her bad side.

Pa’ku, o Pa’ku is coming for you.
In a flash she will strike, 
Smooth and calm, den all de fright!
De truest loa, full of pride,
If ya always keep her satisfied.


Lithe and soundless with padded paw,
He’s quick of mind, and sharp of claw.
He fills de heart with honor and awe.
He is Gonk!

In defense or on attack,
He de one dat has ya back.
De mighty master of de pack.
He is Gonk!

Be it hoof or paw or hand,
He roams de sea and sky and land.
With dis loa we will stand.
He is Gonk!


Jani, Jani, loa of trash,
Tell me where to find your cache!
Richmon, poormon, he don’t mind.
What’s inside? He knows ya kind.

De one ya chose to throw away,
Will have great worth some other day.
He tells a joke, he plays a trick, 
Inside ya head, what makes ya tick?

Ya think ya great, ya know it all.
Be none ta catch ya when ya fall.
My caste be low, ya cannot see.
Jani, Jani, o loa for me!


Gral is not ingame either. He just talk to us trough his shrine and spirit. There is a shark figure around his shrine which transforms you in a shark.

Beneath de plane where Pa’ku reigns,
Gral rules de deep and dere remains.
Oceans vast, beneath de tide,
Where life be strange and horrors hide!

Gral is wisdom, Gral is power.
Gral is fierce, unworthy cower.
Truths be found within de depths.
Lies exposed and secrets kept.

His realm be boundless! De pressure great.
With hunger for knowledge ya never sate.
Blow de conch or bring fresh meat, 
Ya find de loa that none can cheat.


Torga is the little turtle on the Tortollan’s head. I choose to post a screen of the reincarnated version of him, because the other one is rather gruesome.

Through de blue Torga do glide.
Oceans deep and journeys wide.
De one who strives, de one who seeks,
Make his heart be full, his interest piqued.

Dere be no legend told,
Dat Torga will not know.
To listen is his pleasure,
To hear your tale, his treasure.

And if to you he tells his story,
Dat may be your highest glory.
Torga will remember. 
Torga is eternal.


All de creatures great and small,
His protection will encompass all.
If sacrifice be ya whim,
Best look to yaself, not one of dem.

For those dat seek to care for others,
Ya find ya kin, sistas and brothas.
If ya be de one ya love de most,
To him ya surely should not boast.

With each word, he puts much weight,
No wasted thought, no hurried trait.
If ya be selfish, come not here.
De selfless have no need to fear.
Of danger he has seen no end.
Our faith and hope his greatest friend.

Guardian strong.

May ya live forever long.


Hir’eek guards de weak,
He can find de things you seek.

He be blind, and so kind.
He brings clarity of mind.

His screech dat you hear,
Can dispel your every fear.

Softest wings glide through de night.
Taste and sound bring different sight.

When ya lost and all alone,
In de darkness where you roam,
His voice will guide ya home.


Bwonsamdi guards our spirits well, 
He makes death most inviting.
Ya think he be a trickster, 
His humor often biting.

Behind his smile and pointed humor,
Dere lies a darkness, a hint of rumor.
He knows things dat make de brave men shriek,
The truth from him, ya must not seek.

De realm of death be his alone.
Ya life and spirit to him be known.
And when dat life do end,
Make sure Bwonsamdi be ya friend.

Den Bwonsamdi will surely guide, 
“Come on through to de other side.”


Akunda brings de lightning,
Akunda brings de thunder.
De faithless be afraid,
De brave be full of wonder.

Akunda brings de wind, 
Akunda brings de rain.
Ya memories come flooding up,
His will can ease ya pain.

One day he hits with all de force,
De next day he be kind.
Much like Akunda’s touch,
Dere be great power in his mind.

When ya courage goes astray,
When doubt be in ya heart.
Think of calm before de storm,
And Akunda do his part.


Kimbul be fierce, Kimbul be quick.
His claws be sharp much like his wit.

Kimbul prowls, he will endure.
His focus locked, his footing sure.
Suffer fools – Kimbul does not,
His mind be strong, his temper hot.

Once ya earn dis loa’s trust,
His force be yours, his will be just.
He accepts only de best.
If ya got what it takes, be put to da test!


Avatar of Sethraliss
Source: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Sethraliss#/media/File:Avatar_of_Sethraliss.jpg

It’s more likely Sethraliss looks like a snake instead of a sethrak, judging by the huge skeleton in the Temple of Sethraliss. I haven’t done the dungeon so far, so I had to take the screen from wowpedia.

In densest jungle of darkest green,
Rules mother of many, but rarely seen.
Warm and lush and full of life.
Iron will and without strife.

Her mind unfurls, envelops all.
Her faithful ever hear her call.
Across de ages her eyes do see,
Seeking de best for you and me.

Through darkest night, and brightest day, 
She will ever find her way.
In her, ya haven will be found,
Her all for us, her care profound.

Love unsurpassed will surely be,
When Sethraliss ya truly see.

There’s one last “book” for the achievement, but it’s not about a specific loa, but them in general:

With de loa on our side,
We can rule dis land with pride.
Keep dem in ya mind and heart,
Else from us dey surely part!

Dey seem like us in many ways,
Different moods for different days.
Some can be a bit capricious,
Others be downright malicious.

Dis world to dem can be so small,
Their vision long, much to recall.
Dere is much we can’t understand,
Yet all part of their master plan.

Dey bring us wisdom, strength and power.
Dey with us in our darkest hour.
For dem all, we must endeavor.
Call to de heavens, Zandalar forever!

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  1. This was a wonderful post, Leto, thank you so much for doing that. I naturally haven´t done it, so I appreciate it 🙂 I loved Zul Gurub and the environment, accents and all back then. I didn´t know much about Loa though. Thank you 🙂 Happy to see you keeping up your blogging ♥

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