Happy Thoughts #10

So, it’s the last day of the experiment and I actually had a topic for my last post, but as usual when I don’t write something down, I forget about it. Now I want to do a little wrap up instead.

I want to thank Alunaria for bringing this experiment to life. For me it came just in the right moment, since I wanted to get back into blogging after my break and this was a great opportunity. I was tired of all the negativity and I also used the last two weeks to clean my twitter timeline of all the people who were complaining constantly.

This little experiment reminded me to enjoy the little things in game. A rainbow, a nice looking piece of gear or a beautiful sunset. It’s easier for me of course, since I don’t raid or pvp, so class changes usually don’t effect me much. I care more about lore, even though it’s hard lately to “agree” with Blizzard, but I guess I go with Nick Fury’s “advice” in this case:

So, did this experiment help me?


I wasn’t able to post every day, but I’m still happy about the posts I managed.

This post is part of the Happy Thoughts Experiment

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