Happy Thoughts #7

Thank you for more Night Elf focus! I love seeing other races than Humans and Orcs getting some attention and a story to tell.

Especially Tyrande is getting bonus points again after Val’sharah.

Night Elves are my second favorite race in the Alliance and my first character was a Night Elf! So today I finished the scenario for the Night Warrior Eyes and that was pretty cool, even though I knew a part of it already from the Horde quests.

Next was to decide which of my night elves would get those pretty new eyes.

First was clearly my warrior. She lives to fight. She got new markings to, because I love how it looks.

Second was my rogue. Merciless Horde killer, now more than ever!

Last was my druid, but for her it was a more selfish reason. She hopes to finally save her sister with the new power.

It doesn’t fit in the stories of my other Night Elf characters, so those 3 are the only ones getting the new eyes.

This post is part of the Happy Thoughts Experiment

5 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts #7

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    1. I may be Horde, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the great races Alliance has to offer πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ And Night Elves are pretty badass πŸ˜€

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