Happy Thoughts #5

In my last post I wrote about Allied races and this post is kind of connected to it, because it’s about Heritage Armor.

I really love Heritage Armor. I haven’t unlocked any myself yet, but I will one day! Got my Blood Elf DK to exalted before 8.1, but he’s still at 110. I understand that not every look fits every class (Nightborne and Rogue for example), but I see it more as a formal wear.

I’m happy they added Heritage armor to the old races as well and I’m excited to see how those of the other races will look like.

It’s funny btw that I’ve seen lots of screenshots of the Blood Elves scenario, but nothing of the Dwarven scenario. I had to google if it even is already ingame. Makes it pretty clear which race is more popular :’D

This post is part of The Happy Thoughts Experiment

3 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts #5

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  1. Haha, I hear you on which race is the most popular! I do not get it though, the Dwarven scenario and armor is fantastic too, I think! I wonder, if we, in the next expansion and if those Trial Characters will then start at 120, will be able to do the scenarios with those, if that makes sense. I´d love to see it in game.

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    1. Well, I don’t know how long you can use the Trial character, but you would have to get to exalted first. I did it in one day with my DK, so I think that’s pretty fast. Buuut seeing that Trial characters are also locked out from looting rare mounts and pets I bet they would be locked out of those scenarios as well :/

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