Happy Thoughts #4

BfA intruduced Allied Races to World of Warcraft. I really like the concept of adding new races or other “clans” of excisting races to the game like they do it now. Earn their respect, do a questline and then you can play them.

I have a few characters of every Allied Race and I’m eagerly waiting for Zandalari!

The Mag’har opening video is my favorite!

This post is part of the Happy Thoughts Experiment

3 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts #4

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  1. Oh, boy it does look good! How do I unlock those Dwarves? I think I might even be able to do that now, I reached Exalted with my first faction in the expansion, that 7th Legion one 🙂

    I wish everyone could do all the recruit scenarios! They are a treat. Same as the Heritage armor scenarios, I wish we all could do them, without requirements – but where the ability to actually unlock and earn them would only be granted if you met the requirements.

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    1. You need 7th Legion at exalted and the first part of the war campaign (the achievement is Ready for War, I think?). After that you can go to Stormwind and start the recruit scenario.

      That would be nice too! I still don’t have any heritage armor, need to level my Blood Elf so I can at least do this scenario

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