August Screenshots

While I took hundreds of screenshots in August I’ll only post a few, because I still have plenty of posts planned and I don’t know yet which shots I’ll use.

Before BfA my goblin warrior reached level 85, which she will stay now for quite a while. And like all characters around this level she now lives in valley of the four winds, right next to Galleon’s spawn point.


Next on my list is my troll warlock. She was already around level 70 as I started leveling her again. She’s still on her way to level 98, currently at 96, so I’m close to be done with her.


Despiute saying I want to level my druid and death knight, I actually started leveling my demon hunter. Mostly because I want to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves.


Started in Tiragarde Sound, because it’s the zone I’m least interested in and just want to get over with it. Most excited for Drustvar, so it will be last. After that it’ll be rep grinding.

I also bought the Reins of Poseidus, because it was kinda cheap and I got frustrated with still not having the Carpet from the Nightfallen.


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