Light ’em up… again

I want to try and write everything down like I’m telling a story, can’t promise I’ll be able to keep up, but I’ll post at least some adventures like this.


Zuljia took of her battle-worn robe. She could still smell the smoke and she wasn’t sure if it was coming from ther clothes or if one could smell the burning tree all the way to Sen’jin. The blight as burned holes in her robe. She sighed, took of her shoulder armor. It felt so heavy despite being mostly made from cloth.

The home of the Night Elfs burning, Undercity lost – not that she cared much about that. She was following the warchief. It’s not like she had a choice and even if, she would still have followed the warchief. Vol’jin put his trust and her and she would not rebel her former leader’s dying wish. The Loa knew more than she did; they knew more than everyone did.

A sudden pain shot though her head and she closed her eyes, waited for it to subdue. “Shut ya mouth” she murmured. The voices were pretty active lately, especially since she channeled most of Xal’atath power into herself before its power was drained by Sargeras’ sword. A faint grin crossed her lips as she looked at the dagger, lying on a small table. Since then Xal’atath was oddly quiet, it still whispered, but only faint. It wanted her to pick it up again and regain its power, but that would never happen.

“Da warchief wants to see ya.”

Zuljia didn’t turn around. “Does she now?” Another battle? Already? What was she planning now?

“You should go see Nathanos.”

Now Zuljia turned around, an annoyed expression on her face. “He’s annoying. I don’t like him.”

Letora, the death knight who delivered the message, just shrugged.

Zuljia sighed. “Alright. I’ll go and see him. Just need to fix ma robes.” She picked up her robe from the ground. “What about ya?”

“The Ebon Blade has different plans.”

Sure. Like always. Zuljia shrugged.

Letora hesitated. “What about de dagger?”

“What about it?”

“Ya took it’s power.”

“Oh, ya noticed?”

Letora grinned. “Ya really thought, I won’t notice dat you still use da power dat dagger gave ya? I’m always watchin’ ya.”

Zulja chuckled. “Do I look like I need a protector?”

“No, but it won’t harm ya if ya have one.”

Zuljia smiled, something she did rarely and only around people she was comfortable with. “Protect me then.”

Letora rolled her eyes, but in a loving way. “Take care.” She left and Zuljia looked down at the robe in her hand.

“Whateva.” She drooped it on the floor. It was time for some new robes anyway.


Sylvanas was waiting in the keep, Nathanos by her side. “Ah Champion, good to see you.” Zuljia didn’t really like being called a champion, but she just couldn’t get rid of this title. The plan was explained quickly, but to Zuljia it sounded like pure madness.

Breaking into the Stormwind Stockades?


And people call her crazy.


Zuljia was assigned a small team. Nathanos was part of it of course, but she was definitely more glad to see Thalyssra and Rokhan.


Zuljia was sure, that this was a suicide mission as they made their way through the city. Well, it would not be her first mission like this, but she hoped the prisoner they wanted to rescue was worth the effort.


It was after midnight as they reached Stormwind. As they were passing the harbor, Zuljia noticed the Zandalari ship immediately. Show frowned. Zandalari? In Stormwind? She had a bad feeling about this. They landed near the Stockades, to Zuljia surprise, unseen. A sewer gate was their entry, but the fight started as soon as they got in. Of course there were guards everywhere.

Rokhan suddenly made a surprised sound. “Look at dis! Zuljia, maybe ya should go in first.”

“High Overlord Saurfang!” Zuljia was just as surprised as Rokhan. She thought he had died in Lordearon. Was he the prisoner they were supposed to get out? Zuljia doubted it and she could see it in his eyes that he would not come with them.


“After all she has done, I will never return to her Horde. Make sure you know the difference between loyalty and honor and pray that you never have to choose.” Saurfang said, walking up and down in his cell.

Zuljia frowned, but didn’t say anything.

“You not be comin’ wit’ us.” Rokhan didn’t seemed to be very happy about that.

“We both know you’re not here for me. Those you seek are down the hall.” Saurfang sat back down.


Zuljia wasn’t sure if it was her own thought or one of the voices, but she agreed. They left Saurfang in his cell and hurried to the ones down the hall. Zuljia hesitated to step in. Zandalari. She knew two Zandalari who joined the Horde years ago, but since the fall of the Thunder King she hasn’t seen any other. Judging from the jewellery they seemed to be important.

“Ah, our escort arrives. Just as I said, princess Talanji.”

Zuljia narrowed her eyes. A princess?


They opened the cage.

“Thank you. My prophet tells me you are allies.”

Zuljia eyed the prophet suspiciously. He seemed familiar. “Zul” she hissed. He of all things! Rokhan recognized him too.

“Hahaha, naw naw naw, mon. I be knowin’ you. You be dat snake dat…”

But Thalyssra interrupted him. “We come on behalf of the Horde. I am Thalyssra, and this is Rokhan.”

But this time it was Zul who interrupted Thalyssra. “Greetings will have to wait.”

Zuljia felt her throat tighten. She tried to cast a spell, but it only got worse.

“We have to move quickly!” Rokhan yelled. “Follow me!”

A magical barrier was cast around them, a strong human mage blocking their spells. Zuljia grinded her teeth. “Dis way!”

“Dat would be a mistake. It is de other way” Zul contradicted.

They didn’t have much time for discussion and the Talanji seemed to trust the prophet. More or less. “You best be right, Zul” she murmured. She was still able to cast a spell, opening the path for them. They went in the opposite direction of where they entered the stockades.  They reached another sewer gate.

“It smells… unpleasant.” Talanji frowned.

“Where this be leadin’?” Rokhan was suspicious of Zul.

“Out. If the troll is to be believed.”

Zuljia doubted that, but they didn’t have any other choice.

To her surprise, Zul was right. But they did end up on the other side of the city and it was a long way to the harbor. They needed to stay hidden and Rokhan was just the right one for this job.

With his helped, they sneaked though the city, avoiding the guards. “Let’s cross at da bridge” Rohkan whispered. “Unless ya prophet be havin’ a problem wit’ dat.”

“Do not worry, we will know if his life is in danger.”

They reached the Cathedral Square unseen, but it was suspiciously quiet there.

“Dogs” Rokhan hissed. Just a second later worgen emerged from the shadows. The worgen’s keen scent blew their disguise. “Run! We need to find cover!” Thalyssra shouted. They ran across the square, parried the attacks of the worgen.

“Well now, dis will be usefull” Zul muttered. Zuljia saw flames out of the corner of her eyes, but she did’nt have the time to turn around. “Wait!”

They came to an abrupt halt. “What is it now?” Talanji asked.

But her questions was answer right in the next moment. A sudden chill surrended them. Hail was falling from a clear sky. “Proudmore” Zuljia snarled.

“I have known the Horde to be cruel and heartless. Ruthless in his pursuit of victory…”

Zuljia chuckled. Look who was talking.

“This is folly. You will die here, and an unmarked grave will be all you have to show for it.”

“We cannot fight her. Run!” Thalyssra parried one of her attacks, but she was visible struggling.

“One would think dat a city of stone would be less… flammable.” Zul set another house on fire, securing their retreat.

Nathanos joined their party again. “Well this is a fine mess we’re in.”

“Don’t be actin’ like you not happy to see us.” Rokhan chuckled, despite their dire situation.

“Delight. Truly. Now, let’s move.”

The harbor was full of soldiers. blocking their way. But they weren’t alone. Nathanos brought reinforcement. Forsaken emerged from the shadows like the worgen did before, helping them to clear their way.

They had almost reached the ship as they were forced to stop again. Jaina teleported right in front of them. “Surrender, and I will return you to the Stockades where you belong. There, you will await the king’s justice.”

“Respectfully, we have a boat to catch” Nathanos replied.


They got ready to fight, but Zul stepped forward. “Do not be so hasty, now. You can try ro subdue us, and likely succeed. But do you have time to waste?” He grinned.

Zuljia smelled smoke and no, this time it wasn’t coming from her clothes. She turned around and her eyes widened. Stormwind was in flames!

“Seems a mage of your… skill… could be very useful right now, hm?”

Jaina looked at Zul like she wanted to murder him on the spot before she teleported away.

They hurried onto the ship. “We set sail for Zuldazar.” Talanji proclaimed.

Zuljia felt her heart beat faster. Zuldazar? The great empire of the Zandalari? When she was a child, she always dreamt of going to Zandalar after hearing all the stories the elders told about the golden city.

“I think not” Nathanos objected. “I have orders to return you to the warchief directly.”

“Seeing as this is my ship, I think you will need to adjust your plans.”

They set sail and while Talanji went below deck Zuljia leaned against the railing.





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  1. I know these posts takes so long to write. Just know I appreciate it so much. It’s a gift to hear more of a story I would never have seen otherwise 🙂

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