Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Farewell to Legion

Time for another Blog Challenge!

Part 1 – What were your top 3 moments in Legion?

  1. My number one would be the Mage Tower. I attempted it on my priest at first, but never really got very far even with the damage buff. I never really cared either until they announced it would be removed with 8.0. I still didn’t care at that point until I realized the glowing kitty skin wasn’t for Balance of Power like the Guardian one, but for the Mage Tower.
    So I boosted my druid, learned how to play it within a short amount of time, spent thousands of gold on gear until my druid ended up with an higher item level than my main.
    I’m very proud I managed to get this done, especially since I usually don’t care about challenges, I like easy-mode.WoWScrnShot_062318_120436-01
  2.  New classes! And with that I mean, I found two classes I enjoy playing: Druid and Death Knight. While I do have a lot of alts, I usually never play them as soon as they hit max level, but in Legion I really looked into other classes and had fun playing them. Even raided with my druid! So, this is the first time going into a new addon that I actually plan to level more characters to max as soon as my priest hits 120.BattleForAzeroth
  3. Suramar! I love everything about Suramar. The characters, the zone, the story. I loved to see the changes the Nightborne are going through and the growing of the tree. I’d love to see something similar in BfA.WoWScrnShot_120516_161840


Part 2 – What are you most looking forward to about Battle for Azeroth?

  1. Zandalar! Trolls! Trolls are my favorite race in WoW, so every bit of lore I get is great! And this time they’re not just enemies to fight, but we get to see their big huge city, find out more about Loa and I don’t know what else, but give me all the Troll lore!Screenshot (34)
  2. Old Gods! Not only am I a sucker for troll lore, but also Old Gods. So I’m super excited to get more of it in BfA!

3. Allied Races more or less. Still sad Blizzard keeps the 50 characters limit. I’d even be willing to spend money just to get more slots. But this sure doesn’t mean I won’t create any new characters. Mag’har Orcs will sadly have to wait and Kul’Tiran later as well until the limit will be raised or BfA will be so cheap I’m willing to buy it for my second account, but Zandalari and Dark Iron Dwarves will definitely happen. I have one free slot for a Zandalari druid and I will race change my Troll warrior and my second Troll priest to Zandalari, I will also race change my Dwarf Mage and I’ll delete my low level Dwarf Warlock to level a Dark Iron from scratch. Race changes won’t happen until there’s a discount on the service though.

If you don’t know already, you can already look at Mag’har and Dark Iron in the character creation menu. I want so many ;_;



BfA starts in a bit more than 12 hours. I won’t be playing right at launch since I have to work the next day, but only until noon. After that I’m free to play all day. I’m trying to post frequently about the quests and story on Horde side, so if you’re not playing Horde any time soon and are still interested in the story, I’ll try to cover as much as possible.

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