I don’t RP, but I love coming up with character concepts and background stories for my characters. Not all characters have a completely fleshed out story, some characters only have something like “lived in Booty Bay and made money with pickpocketing”.

There is one concept that has been in my mind for a while: a Nightmare Druid. I enjoy twisted characters. Corrupted characters. Characters, who kinda lost it, or dipped too deep into something, they shouldn’t have.

That’s why I created Abendmohn.


That’s her, still uncorrupted, as a young druid. She also has a sister named Szu. Alunaria was interested in knowing more about her, so I decided to write down her story and I don’t want to just tell you her story, I want to show you. I’ll write down different moments of her life and I hope this works out. (and I’m sorry for any punctuation or grammar mistakes, I can’t even set commas properly in German, let alone in English.)

Her story begins on Teldrassil, many, many years before the Cataclysm:

It was only minutes ago as they planted the seed, but the flower was already blooming. Abendmohn just needed to touch it for a moment. Szu clapped excitedly. “You got so good in this! You’ll be the best druid in Azeroth!”

Abendmohn smiled. “There is no such thing as a best druid.”

“Well, because you aren’t one yet!”

Abendmohn laughed and patted her little sister on the head, picking a leave from her hair. She was playing in the woods again, pretending to be a scout probably. Abendmohn smiled. Her sister would be an amazing scout or even a sentinel later. She had many choices, while she herself would become a druid. It has always been clear that that was her path. She was blessed with the gift of nature and she wasn’t mad about it. No one forced her to become a druid. In the end it was still her decision. Nature was part of every Night Elf’s life, but her bond to nature was special. It responded to her. She could make flowers bloom and heard the voices of the trees. She even saw the Emerald Dream once in a dream.

Abendmohn got up. “We should go home. It’s almost time for dinner.” Szu bolted away and Abendmohn followed her slowly. She enjoyed the grass beneath her feet, the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. She felt calm and at peace.


It wasn’t long after this, that she started her training as a druid. Her natural affinity to nature made it easy for her to follow her teacher’s explanations.

Abendmohn was just about to leave as her teacher, Mardant Strongoak, approached her. “You did well today.”

“Thank you.”

“I sense greatness in you. I haven’t seen that in a long time and I’m sure you’ll have a bright future as a druid.”

Abendmohn opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say. This was a big praise and she felt flattered. “I… just want to help nature and our people” she murmured.

“You will.” He smiled at her and she blushed. She left hastily. Abendmohn felt proud. She had never expected to get such praise. It made her feel good and now she wanted to give even more.


Later that evening she was alone in her room, lying on her bed, eyes closed. She wasn’t sleeping, but concentrating. Their teacher told them not to attempt entering the Emerald Dream on their own, but she wanted to try anyway. She wanted to impress him even more.

Nothing happened for a while, but Abendmohn did not want to give up. She knew she could do it.

Slowly her body started to feel strange… or more like, it was disappearing. She left her body behind. She smelled flowers and grass, wind was playing with her hair.

Abendmohn opened her eyes. Her home was gone. She was lying on grass. She got up, looked around and smiled. She did it. She entered the dream. Abendmohn didn’t dare to move into it too deep, but she was still exploring it a bit. It was beautiful. Untouched and pure nature. There were flowers, she had never seen before, long gone from Azeroth and trees, huge as mountains. Abendmohn was going backwards, trying to see the crown of the tree. Not paying attention, she stumbled and fell.

“Ouch.” Abendmohn wanted to get up, but she noticed that the ground was feeling different. “Ashes?” she murmured confused. She looked over her shoulder and her eyes widened in horror. Hastily she got up again, staring at the area in front of her. It was partly shrouded in darkness and dying and weirdly twisted trees build a whole forest. The grass was dead, no flowers bloomed and there was something moving in the shadows. Abendmohn felt fear spreading through her body. This was the Nightmare. She shouldn’t be here. She was running from the dead area, but couldn’t shake off the feeling of something, or someone, watching her.


 After this, Abendmohn didn’t enter the Dream alone for a long time. The memory started to fade with the years and Abendmohn became a fully trained druid. She stayed away from the Alliance/Horde conflict for the most part and focused on fighting the Nightmare and healing Azeroth.

abendmohn druid emerald dream

It was during the War against the Nightmare (happening in the Stormrage book) that Abendmohn fell asleep and found herself trapped in the Dream.

She didn’t know how much time had passed. It could be days, but it felt more like years. She was trapped in the Dream, but it felt wrong. It didn’t give her peace to be here. She felt uneasy and afraid. Sometimes she thought she heard voices. Whispers. But there was no one here except for her. She lifted her head, the sky was shrouded. Abendmohn sighed. She sat down, her feet felt tired. She didn’t know where she was or where she was heading. She was lost in the Dream. Nothing seemed familiar. Abendmohn never felt so helpless before.

“She betrayed you…”

Abendmohn jumped back on her feet. “Who’s there?” she shouted.

“She betrayed you” the voice repeated. “Laughed behind your back.”

Abendmohn took a step back. It was never good hearing voices in the dream. Especially voices like this one.

“Laughed.” A different voice said, which sounded like it was right behind her. Abendmohn turned around, but no one was there.

“She could be anything, but you were forced to be a druid.”

“Stop it!” It was clear, who the voices were talking about: her sister.

“She laughed at you.”

“No! I’m not going to listen to you!”

It was the Nightmare talking to her and she mustn’t listen.

The grass withered beneath her feet, the trees lost their leaves. Roots, corrupted from the nightmare, broke through the ground.

“No!” She was in the middle of the Nightmare. It lured her in and she didn’t even realize it. Abendmohn pressed her lips together. But she would fight! She fought the Nightmare so many times and she would not give up easily.

She called upon nature to aid her, but the voices just laughed and Abendmohn soon realized why: nothing happened. She couldn’t get help from nature, because there was nothing around which wasn’t corrupted. “No” she whispered.

“You’re weak. Powerless. And ours…”

Abendmohn fell on her knees, a piercing scream escaping her lips. 


After this event Abendmohn woke up after being trapped in the Dream for about a week. She kills the druid, who was taking care of her and escaped from Moonglade, making her way to Val’sharah.

abendmohn nightamre

As Szu heard what happened to her sister, she travelled to Moonglade trying to find Abendmohn. In the end, Szu picked up her sister’s staff and decided to become a druid herself, because she felt this was the only way to save Abendmohn. And she won’t listen to anyone saying the only way to save her is killing her.

szu druid.png


That’s the story so far. I don’t know much about druid lore and I hope I didn’t make any grave mistakes. It was fun writing this post and creating the pictures, even though it took quite a while.

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  1. This is simply amazing!
    And you say you don’t know that much about lore. I would never have guessed from this awesome story.
    Thank you for sharing, looking forward to seeing more about your characters ^^

    (Princess and I have thought about making a series of posts about our characters’ stories, hopefully I can start mine after publishing the lore posts that are almost done 😋)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you, I’m so happy you like it 😀
      I know the basics, but I had to check wowpedia a few times.
      Ooooh I’m really looking forward to read about your characters! I love reading other people’s stories 😀

      Liked by 2 people

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