THIS CINEMATIC *slams fists on tables*

My feelings are all over the place.

I love Blizzard’s cinematics, even the ones about characters I can’t stand, because they are so well done. This one is no different and for me, it’s the best cinematic they have ever made.

During all these years, Wrathgate has always been my favorite. At least until today. Watching this one has left me in tears. I never cried during a cinematic, but this one… damn… tears were just streaming down my face.

Saurfang is such a great character. He’s everything a honorable orc should be. He’s everything the Horde actually stands for. Damn, what a great character.

I’m torn. Saurfang deserves his honorable death, but I don’t want to see him die 😦

And Zappy Boi (he doesn’t have a name yet and everyone calls him that), oh boy, what a precious little troll. As someone who loves trolls, I’m happy to finally have a troll in a cinematic who’s more than just a background character. And such a precious one!!! Someone stop me from creating a troll shaman.

I swear, if Blizzard kills him, I’m going on a rampage.

He deserves everything good in the world. I hope players can interact with him later and he gets a more fleshed out character. And a name. Edit: His name is Zekhan!!

2 thoughts on “Saurfang

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  1. Fantastic and captivating cinematic. I can’t imagine Blizzard killing off more of those high profile characters right now.

    Aww *hands over handkerchief

    I still think the best end to that cinematic would have been Saurfang going back, throwing Sylvanas out and handing her to the Alliance with the words “Here. You can have her. She does not represent what we stand for.”

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