July Screenshots

How is it August 2nd already??

I’m kinda behind on everything. I have one post in progress, which, I hope, I can publish soon, and another one planed. I hope I get them done before BfA, because I want to go back to writing about quest and the adventures happening in BfA.

I won’t write a post about Teldrassil, just a quick note: Disappointed, but not surprised. 

I focused mostly on my warrior this month and she went from 58 to 82. My goal for her is 85, then she gets parked at Galleon’s spawn point like any other alt that’s high enough to get loot :’D

Fury warrior is a lot of fun. I always prefered Arms, but I’m having such a great time with Fury. It plays really well in my opinion.

She’s also an engineer, so I finally got to craft one of the engineer mounts!


I also got lucky while I was on my warlock and flying around Gorgrond. Poundfist was up. Had to wait for a high level character to show up, because I couldn’t kill it alone, but I didn’t have to wait long. Another mount crossed of my list and this wasn’t even planned. I love surprises!

It’s ugly tho

Aaaand screenshot dump


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