Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: What’s in Your Bags?

This is my first time contributing to Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge and I hope I’m doing this right.

So, what’s in my bags… I have to admit I’m a horrible hoarder and I keep a lot of things because I might need them later. Or one of my alts. But the reagent bank, the void storage and of course the new transmog system helped a lot with my bag space. I remember a time when I only had like two bag spaces left. It was a constant struggle.

I still have a lot of unnecessary stuff in my bags tho.


I don’t have certain bags assigned for certain things, I just let the system sort my stuff. First I have my hearthstones and my whistles, then a few sentinax beacons, which I should probably finally use for the achievement, pet battle stuff, some food, some gimmicks like the lesser invisibility potion (there was actually a situation where I suddenly needed it, and I was like ‘hah! I knew this day would come!’), artifacts weapons, teleportation items, looots of reagents, quest items (I’m sure the day will come when I’m finally going into those dungeons and raids), pets, I should finally put on the AH, lure to catch rare fishs and bones and claws I need to finish collecting for the mounts.


My reagent bank is full of reagents I need to get rid off…

My bank is full of even more useless stuff. Honestly why had they make all the new coins soulbound? I’d have put them in my guild bank, but now they’re all in my normal bank. Most things in my bank I keep mainly for the memories or because of the use effect, but I need to get rid of the holiday items since you can transmog them during the holidays.

Gonna show you my guild bank too, since it’s all mine anyway.

But my guild bank is just one big pile of more reagents. And some coins. And recipes and gear for alts. Should probably sort out all these mats (one day, one day…).

This was fun, but it also shows what a horrible hoarder I really am.

7 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: What’s in Your Bags?

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  1. Wow…I am glad to finally find someone who does not have each bag assigned to something. You have a ton of stuff!

    I wish they added a “clean guildbank” function, like they have with our backpacks. I know I would benefit from it, greatly…

    Hmm, you have an AddOn that shows that “Holy” text on your item there in the bank?

    What is your plan with the Pet Charms? 🙂

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    1. Such a function would be great indeed!
      It’s not an addon, it’s the inbuilt equipment manager actually. It’s still left from wotlk as I had two sets, one for Holy and one for shadow, it names the equipment automatically after the set you assigned it to, so you don’t accidently sell it. I never deleted the set from the manager, but that weapon is the only thing that’s left,that’s why it has that “Holy” text there.

      I don’t actually know, what to do with the charms. I have all the toys and pets you could buy. I usually use them, when I get a new pet that isn’t blue quality to upgrade them. Or when I’m lazy to get them quickly to 25.

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      1. Aah, I see 🙂 Oh, my, you sure have been pet battling then! I’m still working my way up to be able to purchase a mirror pet toy 🙂


      2. Well, it feels like I spent most of WoD doing pet battles, I had lots of time to gather a lot of charms 😀
        Go! You can do it!! 🙂

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