Male Characters and I

Kind of a weird topic maybe, but looking at the list of characters I have, male ones are rather sparse. This is changing slowly and the number of male characters will go up with Shadowlands, but the majority is still female. The main reason is that the male models don't appeal to me much, which... Continue Reading →

In Preparation of Shadowlands

Blizzard made a post of what's going away or changing with Shadowlands. Nothing that surprised me on that list and I got the two things I really wanted already: the Voidwing and the Brutosaur. The other stuff that goes away/changes: Rank 4 Essences and related achievements including the Azeroth's Champion title Doesn't bother me, I... Continue Reading →

Class Mounts

In the last weeks I also worked on getting a few more class mounts. First was Shaman, who had a really underwhelming questline that took like 2 minutes. Definitely my least favorite so far. The elemental changes depending on spec, just like the priest mount. I think, it's an okay-mount. It works for shamans, but... Continue Reading →

Goblin Heritage Armor

It's was quiet around here, not much happening in WoW for me and I'm also still occupied with my bachelor thesis (but I finished my first version today and can finally breath again). There were a lot of announcements, Shadowlands is coming sometime in Fall. Personally I'm expecting it late November/early December with the pre-patch... Continue Reading →


I already spammed twitter yesterday, but I thought I would share it with you too. Artbreeder generates portraits from photos or screenshots, which is pretty cool! You need an account to use it, but then you can click on Portraits and upload your own pictures (limited to 5 per month - I created multiple accounts... Continue Reading →

Heritage of Gilneas

On Thursday I sat down and (finally) unlocked the Gilnean Heritage armor. The truth is, it took me so long, because I think it's a really ugly set (I already talked about me disappointement back when it was previewed). I also had some issues with the questline itself and I hadn't intended to even write... Continue Reading →

Mage Order Hall

I'm how many years late to that party? But I've unlocked the mage order hall on the weekend and it was my first time being there and it was so cool. I only knew it was in Dalaran and I didn't expect too much, but I was very surprised how much I actually like it.... Continue Reading →

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