Once more… as Alliance

Another character has reached level 50. Lhiang is my first Alliance character leveled in the new patch and also my first Pandaren at max level! The event starts next week, but I'm not too interested in it. I'll still do the quests with 5 characters for the pet and the transmog sets. Until then I... Continue Reading →

Heritage of the Nightborne

Sec reached level 50 today and I finally unlocked the Nightborne Heritage Armor! I really like the armor, but I wish the chest piece was not part of a robe and I could use it seperately. I used some pieces for her mog. I would rather have the pants that fii the chest piece, but... Continue Reading →

Level 50… again

It's really crazy how fast leveling goes now. Until 40 it's really fast, after that it feels like it slows down a little bit, but still! With lesser levels to go through I also stopped jumping from alt to alt and started focusing more on the current character. I had enough time over the weekend... Continue Reading →

Level 50!

Reached level 50 with Azazen! The new leveling system is geat! Since I wanted to focus on Blood Elf stuff I went to Ghostlands after Exile's Reach, followed by Hellfire Peninsula where I focused mostly on Falcon Watch. Went to Netherstorm after and could almost complete it, but group quests stopped me. I was level... Continue Reading →

Azazen and Changes

Azazen is close to level 40 now and I'm leveling in Netherstorm. I enjoy the new leveling system so much. I haven't encountered any bugs or problems and my experience has been very smooth so far. I'm looking forward to getting Azazen to 50, because one of the Dragonhawk colors I want (blue) can only... Continue Reading →

Prepatch is here!

The long awaited prepatch is finally here! I can't remember if I ever was so excited for a prepatch before, but I couldn't really think about anything else in the last weeks. My twitter timeline was barely talking about anything else than the new customizations and I was the same. Spent lots of time on... Continue Reading →

The mog hunt is over… for now

I think I've mentioned it before that I've focused mostly on completing mog sets in the last few months, because I wanted to wait until prepatch before leveling again. I've started at the end of July and just finished my last runs today. I had barely any complete sets as you can see and I'm... Continue Reading →

Shadowlands delayed

The big topic and everyone's talking about it: Shadowlands delayed until later this year. When they announced the date at Gamescom, I thought "oh that's really soon" as I hadn't expected a release before November. Personally I don't mind the delay at all. They should take as long as they need to and I hope... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Battle for Azeroth

There's no denying it, BfA certainly isn't the most popular expansion and a great deal of players aren't happy about the gameplay, gear, azerite, corruption, you name it. As a non-raider and non-pvp-player all of this didn't bother me at all, but that doesn't mean I didn't have issues with BfA. Mine are mostly with... Continue Reading →

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