Paragon Chests & Battle Pets

I'm back rep farming with my priest and demon hunter for Paragon rewards, but I'm more chill about them than during Legion. I also want to collect the battle pets BfA has to offer (at least the ones you can buy). I'm making this post because I want a neat overview of Paragon rewards and... Continue Reading →

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The Skies of Azeroth

I just want to take a moment to appreciate the "different" skies Azeroth and Outland/Draenor have to offer. Do you recognize all the skies? 😉

Vulpine Familiar

I still can't believe I got so lucky winning this mount! I'm incredible happy!! It's so beautiful! As requested I also tried to make a fitting transmog (which wasn't easy; nothing fits such a beautiful mount). Head: Crown of Eternal Winter Shoulders: Valorous Mantle of Sanctification Chest: Mooncloth Robe Waist: Communal Sash Weapon: Rod of... Continue Reading →

A Loa of a Tale

We all know that most Trolls worship loa and the different tribes mostly worship different loa as well. We met quite a few loa in the past years like in Zul'Gurub, Zul'Aman or in the colds of Northrend in Zul'Drak and, of course, now on Zandalar. There's an achievement called A Loa of a Tale,... Continue Reading →

Happy Thoughts #10

So, it's the last day of the experiment and I actually had a topic for my last post, but as usual when I don't write something down, I forget about it. Now I want to do a little wrap up instead. I want to thank Alunaria for bringing this experiment to life. For me it... Continue Reading →

Happy Thoughts #9

I talked about how much I love Zandalar, but there is also an Alliance zone I love. Well, the truth is, I haven't quested there yet, so I can't really comment on the story, but the zone itself is my personal aesthetic. Drustvar! Plus how cute is this Wicker Pup?? I'd love to have this... Continue Reading →

Happy Thoughts #8

World of Warcraft has some amazing cinematics, hands down. It's also great to see how they evolved in the past ten years. The quality became stunning, almost real. But I don't want to talk about cinematics in this post. There are other videos made by Blizzard, which I love even more: Animated shorts. I actually... Continue Reading →

Happy Thoughts #7

Thank you for more Night Elf focus! I love seeing other races than Humans and Orcs getting some attention and a story to tell. Especially Tyrande is getting bonus points again after Val'sharah. Night Elves are my second favorite race in the Alliance and my first character was a Night Elf! So today I finished... Continue Reading →

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