September Screenshots

While I took hundreds of screenshots in August I'll only post a few, because I still have plenty of posts planned and I don't know yet which shots I'll use. Before BfA my goblin warrior reached level 85, which she will stay now for quite a while. And like all characters around this level she... Continue Reading →


Light ’em up… again

I want to try and write everything down like I'm telling a story, can't promise I'll be able to keep up, but I'll post at least some adventures like this.   Zuljia took of her battle-worn robe. She could still smell the smoke and she wasn't sure if it was coming from ther clothes or... Continue Reading →


I don’t RP, but I love coming up with character concepts and background stories for my characters. Not all characters have a completely fleshed out story, some characters only have something like “lived in Booty Bay and made money with pickpocketing”. There is one concept that has been in my mind for a while: a... Continue Reading →

July Screenshots

How is it August 2nd already?? I'm kinda behind on everything. I have one post in progress, which, I hope, I can publish soon, and another one planed. I hope I get them done before BfA, because I want to go back to writing about quest and the adventures happening in BfA. I won't write... Continue Reading →

The end of Legion

The time has come and pre-patch hits the EU servers tomorrow, officially ending Legion. For me, Legion was a good expansion. I had plenty of things to do and lots of fun in general. It was also the first expansion where I had so many characters on max level. Two of them where boosted and... Continue Reading →

June Screenshots

Oh my... June is already over, isn't it? Well, this was fast. I barely played my priest, but a lot of alts instead. So, you get mostly selfies Paia My rogue reached the Storm Peaks. Took this screen and edited it a bit Thraka My fierce orc warrior got a new mog and a trip... Continue Reading →

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