CW 37 Summary

No weeky summary last week, because I was barely home and didn't really have the time to play, but this week I had a lot of time and level a few alts. Alt Leveling Xhi, 56 -> 62: stayed on Kalimdor until level 61 and went straight to Dragonblight, one of my favorite zones. Merag,... Continue Reading →


War Campaign

I was stuck on the war campaign for quite a while because I don't like having to raid or do dungeons to progress through story quests, because if, for whatever reason, you do them later it's really hard to find raid groups. I still have the Vol'jin questline to do, but do people even do... Continue Reading →

New Recruit A Friend

Blizzard published informations about the new Recruit a friend program coming in a few months and wow, that's a nice set of rewards. I already expected something with rewards stacking over time, but I didn't think it would be a year. Veteran accounts who haven't been subscriped in the past two years are eligible for... Continue Reading →

CW 35 Summary

Alts Leveling Had a bit more time leveling alts this week because we didn't play much GW2. Qamar, 82 -> 85: finished Hyjal and went to Pandaria next. Rested XP is used up though, so a break for her. Xir, 45 -> 50: finished Tanaris and reached level 50 on her way to the Swamp... Continue Reading →

CW 34 Summary

Alt Leveling Qamar, 79 -> 82: I always prefer questing in zones that are somehow fitting for the character I play, so Qamar is now on Mount Hyjal. In my preparations for 8.2.5 I switched characters around (again) and my Worgen will now be on my second account, since the new RaF sounds like you... Continue Reading →

CW 33 Summary

I downloaded Narcissus and why did it take me so long to pick up that addon? It's great! Alt Leveling Merag: 75 -> 77 - I'm getting closer to leaving Outland. They reduced the XP several times and it still seems to take forever. Plenty of group quests in Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm don't make... Continue Reading →

CW 32 Summary

First weekly summary! Alt leveling Merag: 73 -> 75, completed Terokkar Forrest and headed to Shadowmoon Valley. Lucc: 31 -> 34, he's in Desolace, but still not done. Collections Cataclysm Timewalking is this week and I had enough badges to buy both toys and collected enough for another mount. I completed three transmog sets, granting... Continue Reading →

New models on the PTR

The last time I was on the ptr was before WoD to check out the new models and with the announcement of the new goblin and worgen models I had to check them out on the ptr again (at least in the character select screen). I was happy to see the female goblin models look... Continue Reading →

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