Alterac Valley of Olde

Yesterday I finally completed the achievement and got my two mounts. The wolf isn't that special because there are already plenty of HD wolf mounts ingame, but the ram looks really nice! Despite not having that much fun in the battleground, it was still worth it. I got two mounts and could skip most of... Continue Reading →

CW 46 Summary

Alt Leveling Roku, 46 -> 71: I kept leveling with the RaF bonus until I've reached level 60, after that I joined the Alterac Valley fight, but also went to Dragonblight and started questing there. I'll probably run with my other account again after I'ven gotten the event mount (only 25% left) until 80. Erah,... Continue Reading →

Alterac Valley Event

Blizzard changed a few things to stop people from just hanging out in the mines and not actually playing the battleground and that's great. I signed up yesterday with Roku. He's reached level 60 during the week and I really don't want to do Outland or Northrend. I played four games yesterday and got to... Continue Reading →

CW 45 Summary

I actually wanted to play a character on a RP realm, but in the end I decided against it. I may have the time, but not the commitment to stick to such a character. Probably going to use that free slot for a Mechagnome now. Roku, 5 -> 46: I mostly focus on my warrior... Continue Reading →

WoW’s 15th Anniversary

And the 11th since I'm playing! I did the raids today and expected a bit more than just a glimpse of the fights, but except the WotLK raid I didn't know any of the other so it was better to not having to do the whole fight. Especially Ragnaros was a bit of a killer.... Continue Reading →

CW 44 Summary

Should just name it "list of alts I leveled this week" I wish I could have the level changes today already, but gotta be patient. I had a lot of free time this week which I spent mostly leveling alts. Alt Leveling Solanaceae, 20 -> 24: the alt leveling on my second account has begun!... Continue Reading →

CW 43 Summary

A wee bit late on this one, but came home late from a weekend trip. The most important news for the last week was Recruit a friend finally going live. I subbed my second account immediately and added 50 alts to my leveling rooster with that. Alt Leveling Lallic, 55 -> 59: did Westfall and... Continue Reading →

Il’gynoth’s Whispers

Okay, this is a post I wanted to write for a while and with the new whispers datamined, now is a good time for it. (possible spoilers) Whispers of the Old Ones and their minions have to be taken with a grain of salt. While they don't outright lie, they're not telling the truth either.... Continue Reading →

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