Northern Barrens: Samophlange and more

The journey continues from Ratchet to Nozzlepot's Outpost and I'm traveling via boat! I have to take care of hyenas, solve the mystery of weird footprints, get a blueprint back and get more informations about the samophlange! Lots of things to do! First stop is the Sludge Fen! The mysterious footprints are all over the... Continue Reading →


Battle for Azeroth: My thoughts

Okay, time for my thoughts on the new expansions. The story Let's start with the new story: While I don't mind more focus on faction conflict, I'm worried another Horde leader will end up dead and I'm really tired of this. Sylvannas is one of my favorite characters. She's problematic, but that makes her one... Continue Reading →

Xal’atath’s Whispers Part 2

I wanted to make this post waaaaay earlier, but life happened. Anyway last week was great gameplay wise and I collected some of her whispers. Mind you, she has a lot to say about a lot of topics and it would take quite the time to collect all of them, but here's my little collection... Continue Reading →

Now that’s a lot of mounts

Everyone's talking about Blizzcon and so will I, but not today. We had guests over the weekend, so I only watched the What's Next panel and I need to rewatch it and the other panels, before I'm writing a post about my opinion (spoiler: I have mixed feelings and I didn't board the hype train).... Continue Reading →

Cuteaclysm and more

I knew this achievement would come one day and I already dreaded it, because I knew it would contain Dragon Soul. I was right. I really dislike Dragon Soul. Too much talking. Too much waiting. And The Spine.  I did all the other raids before. Firelands   Throne of Four Winds   Bastion of Twilight... Continue Reading →

Not WoW-related: Cosplay

As I mentioned in my last post, Cosplay is a big hobby of mine. For people who don't know what Cosplay is: it's dressing up as fictional characters from anime, movies, comics, video games or similiar. I started over 12 years ago and I make all my costumes myself as well as I do the... Continue Reading →

Northern Barrens: Ratchet

Ratchet is a neutral harbor in the Northern Barrens, built by the goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel after the completion of Orgrimmar. Most of the quests there are Horde only though. First I'm meeting with Sashya inside the Broken Keel to give her Helbrim's notes. She seems a bit nervous and really eager to get... Continue Reading →

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