Paragon Chests & Battle Pets

I'm back rep farming with my priest and demon hunter for Paragon rewards, but I'm more chill about them than during Legion. I also want to collect the battle pets BfA has to offer (at least the ones you can buy). I'm making this post because I want a neat overview of Paragon rewards and... Continue Reading →

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Trial of Style

Trial of Style is currently going on as well as a free weekend for accounts without a subscription. Of course it's on the weekend where I'm not at home from Friday until Sunday so I'll just try to send some transmog items around today. Anyway Trial of Style! It's my favorite micro holiday. I also... Continue Reading →


After showing off some of my Horde characters, it's time to show you some of my Alliance characters as well. I'm gonna start with my Draenei - not including Lightforged Draeneis. Second, priest - always busy with keeping her Worgen boyfriend from fighting... everyone. Rather strict and overprotective. Leel, hunter - always on the hunt,... Continue Reading →


I was happy too see that the servers were back up early today, because my cats woke me up at 5am. So I had enough time to start the Zandalari recruitment before my classes. The recruitment scenario is about Talanji becoming queen and use helping to calm the riots and stand witness. Photobombing some blood... Continue Reading →

My goblins (and a Dark Iron)

Tomorrow (EU) the long awaited Zandalari and Kul Tirans will be unlockable and I'm so looking forward adding more trolls to my rooster. And that's all I know about tomorrow's patch since I try to avoid spoilers. I will make a post about my new trolls tomorrow or on Thursday depending on my time, but... Continue Reading →

Kul Tiras

I've finally finished Loremaster of Kul Tiras. I only planned to do a bit of Drustvar every day, but then I had a day off and I wanted to now what happens next. Got in a little "questing rush" and finished the zone in one day. Definitely my favorite zone of Kul Tiras, not only... Continue Reading →

February Summary

Before my break I just dumped screenshots I took during the month into my post, but starting February I want to do something slightly different. Instead of just posting screenshots I want to do I little summary at the end of each month. Most of the time it's just not enough to make a whole... Continue Reading →

The Lost Isles

There are a few places in the game that one can only visit during leveling of certain races like Goblins and Pandaren. While you can still go back to the Wanderling Isle when you're a monk (but I'm not sure if it's the whole Island or just part of it? I never got around to... Continue Reading →

Before their undead

I'm very busy with university stuff this week (and the next) and I'm not finished taking all the screenshots for my next post, so I'm squeezing in a little post about my Forsaken characters. Someone on twitter was posting screens of their character before they became Forsaken. I really liked the idea and wanted to... Continue Reading →


I was looking forward to today, not only because I had my last written exam for this term, but also because I'm spending all my collected charms today. Each day I'm looking forward to see what battle pet quests are up. I also worked on the Family Battler achievement and it took me two weeks... Continue Reading →

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